"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands."- Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance artist.

MAYA believes in empowering young minds with industry-ready skills in the area of video film making.
Advanced equipments, studio facilities and talented, hands-on faculty are just the basics. What makes Training @ MAYA different is the attitude-to-aptitude approach that focuses on transforming a student into an industry-ready professional.

Our offerings include internships, specialized training and consulting. We have custom-designed workshops on Photography and film making on smart phones, basic digital photography, forensic photography, film appreciation workshops for school and college students, etc.


MAYA is a preferred place for student internships. Here, the interns are absorbed on live projects and get hands-on experience. They are also given the creative freedom and mentorship to work on independent assignments.

Some intern experiences

“I can proudly say that I made a wise decision by choosing Maya Films for my internship.

Working as an intern in Maya Films was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot of many new things during the course of my internship, which I was not aware of. From pre-production to post production, we were involved at all levels of production. Which gave me a wonderful experience of about how a production house functions. I also got the chance to assist the crew during various shoots. This gave me an insight of how shoot is planned and executed at a professional level. I even learnt about the various equipment and their importance required for various projects, shots and subject. I also made two short films on my own.

Team Maya will bring the best out of you, and will help you figure out about how to go ahead with your career. I thank all the members of Maya Films, who have spent time with me and taught me various aspects of film production at a professional level. Everyday at Maya Films was a learning experience.”

Darshan Mehta, School of Communication, Manipal, 2016

'Education should not hamper one's learning', said someone great. With Maya ma'am learning was a continuous  process , from classroom to projects to field-works. We  worked hard, learnt hard, still it was .. hmmm .. well balle balle all the way   ( coz learning was interesting n fun). We were also thrilled to finally have a lecturer who treated students as individuals with a mind of their own!!!
Thank you Maya ma'am ...(cliched... cliched as it may sound..)
we'll always be your students..we still have lots to learn from you.:)

VRINDA, Department of Electronic Media Studies, Bangalore University
Presently runs a film production house

It was an internship with Maya Chandra who taught us at the university. She is one from the field who taught us the new techniques of film making academically. After that I got an opportunity to do an internship with her. The two films in which I worked were ISA and IT.COM. These two projects was a window to the outside world. I learnt many things which I did not in one and half year of college.

With these two projects I understood how the industry works and I was introduced to the Editing studio and the editing softwares which I had never seen before. I learnt to handle the pressure at production and importantly understood "how to work in a group".

Rashmi Rajarao, Department of Electronic Media Studies, Bangalore University

I thank you for all your support in the initial moment of keeping me in all your production.

I should once again thank you because i have worked with the best person- where I learnt the aesthetics of television production. it really made a strong base to my career.

With all the experience I had during your stint has made me to get the job I dreamt( sports broadcasting).

Mahesh, Student of Department of Electronic Media Studies, Bangalore University

Your panaromic view of thinking for a newcomer like me was really an enriching experience. While working for corporate films ( 2004 and Manipal Universal Learning), your systematic way of working helped me in learning things easier and in a faster way.
One important quality that I was influenced and learned a bit from you is your management skill.

Tyagarajan, Department of Electronic Media Studies, Bangalore University
Presently Head, Non-Fiction Programming, Udaya TV

I was here for an internship which was basically to have some experience of the work field. It has been a wonderful experience here. The managing director of this company Ms. Maya Chandra has tried to help us in all ways. Initially we were sent on a documentary shoot which has helped us in understanding the lighting setup and shooting as well.  Then we were sent to a film editor which was basically to know more things about editing and that was one awesome experience. Overall a good place and nice environment to work.

Veerendra Neeli, Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal

It has been a great journey with MAYA Production right from the start, a welcoming staff which made me a novice comfortable. It’s been an overall learning experience from different aspects of pre-production to post-production. A well coordinated staff that is more than willing to answer queries. We had been asked to work on short film where I got to see the different techniques of camera handling and also editing how editor works for a particular project. These activities gave me clear idea in how a production house works and how the work is distributed. The expose to the feature film editing was quite fascinating. The hands on experience of producing a short film is been memorable.

Anirudha Subramanya, Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal