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Echoes of Freedom

AI-Rewoven Memories of Independence, August 15, 1947. ​

From VHS Memories to AI Dreams


For over two and a half decades, MAYA Films has been a pioneer in crafting films, weaving stories that resonate across generations. Our commitment to pushing creative boundaries has led us to embrace the power of AI as a new canvas for storytelling. With MAYA AI, we’re seamlessly blending our rich legacy with the forefront of technology to bring you experiences that are nothing short of extraordinary.

AI Kengal to greet visitors at flower show in Bengaluru


Maya Films, an agency roped in to undertake the task, took three weeks to generate the AI images, which will be put up at the four entrance gates, at Glass House, and at the bonsai park.

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AI to create the presence of Karnataka's second CM in Lal Bagh flower show

As Bengaluru’s popularflower show at Lal Bagh botanical gardens kicked off on Friday, a multimedia company called Maya Films is all set to..


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