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Bridging Academia with the Industry

We believe in empowering university students by providing them with opportunities to connect, learn, and grow alongside industry professionals. Through our comprehensive programs and resources, we aim to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to succeed in the competitive world of filmmaking, and allied professions.

Our Programs

Immerse yourself in our practical workshops that cover a wide range of filmmaking disciplines. From screenwriting and cinematography to editing and creative direction, our workshops offer hands-on learning experiences facilitated by industry experts. Discover the latest techniques, tools, and trends shaping the film industry today.

Learn from the best in the business through our exclusive masterclasses. Experienced professionals share their invaluable insights and expertise, providing a deep dive into specific areas of filmmaking. To recognize your commitment and completion of our masterclasses, we provide certificates that validate your participation and showcase your dedication to continuous learning. Expand your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the craft from those who have mastered it

We offer to deliver guest lectures at colleges and Universities, and share our learnings from the industry. Our 25+ year legacy in the business of film making will translate to a great learning opportunity

We can also organise guest lectures from our vast network and colleagues in the business, who will give rich insights into the real world of film production.

Get inspired by influential figures in the industry through our engaging guest lectures. Our guest speakers, including renowned filmmakers, actors, and industry leaders, share their personal journeys and offer valuable advice on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the film industry

Gain real-world experience and forge meaningful connections through our competitive internship programs. Interns will get an opportunity to work on ongoing film projects, Our internships provide a platform for practical learning and personal growth. Upon successful completion of the internship, we provide certificates to recognize your aptitude and commitment to the craft. Internships can be applied directly by the students or we can have MoUs with Universities and Colleges for dedicated internships.

We believe in the power of partnerships. Maya Connect facilitates collaborations between universities and our film production enterprise, fostering synergies that benefit both
academia and the industry. Through these collaborations, students gain access to unique resources, mentorship programs, and opportunities to showcase their talent on a broader stage.

Our team of industry veterans is dedicated to supporting and mentoring organizations in the field of film production. Whether you represent a university, film club, private institution, or organization, we offer tailored consultations to help you excel on your filmmaking journey.

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