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Welcome to Maya

We are a traditional film production house with a modern twist.
Call it classy or quirky.

At MAYA Films, we’ve been crafting films for several decades now. We’re a fiercely independent production house with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to making films that capture the hearts and minds of our audiences.

What We Do.

Our team will bring your vision to films and give it the ‘goover-woover’ it deserves. Never mind, google doesn’t know the word, it’s our secret recipe.

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We are 25 years young, a fine wine better with time. We do embrace the wisdom, but our adventures with digital addiction are real.

Our Services


At MAYA Films, we take great pride in producing avant-garde documentaries. 

Govt. Communications

We are considered a thought leader of content for government departments, with a strong track record of success and a legacy of partnerships with government organizations.

Corporate/Brand Films

Over the past two decades, we have produced numerous game-changing films for organizations spanning diverse industry domains.


People make stories and we craft stories that make people. Biopics are a distinct domain that warms our hearts and our brains.




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Vision and Success

Our Clients

Bringing our clients a unique experience and a lasting impact, we tend to avoid the rat race unless we happen to see a formula one car zooming by and a rat riding it.

While our home base is in Bangalore, our work takes us around the world.
Stop by and say hello at our creative space, a 100-year-old heritage bungalow where creativity takes a spin. We love to meet you and show you around.

Ping us and let's make some magic together