The Krishna Cosmic Circle of Life

6th June 2023

The evening unfolded with an enchanting celebration of the world of birds through the screening of “The Krishna Cosmic Circle of Life.” Held as part of the World Environment Day at the Bangalore International Centre, the event took attendees on a mesmerizing journey through the backwaters of River Krishna. Directed by MayaChandra, this award-winning 25-minute documentary showcased the remarkable biodiversity and the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature in this vibrant ecosystem. As a fitting addition, the evening included a unique musical concert based on thesounds of the birds – The Wings of Melody – performed by Vidushis Suma Sudhindra (Veena) and Manasi Prasad (Vocals)

11th -14th October 2022
Screening of  “The Krishna Cosmic Circle of Life” at Our Heritage, Our Planet -International Film Week