Bangalore International Film Festival (BIFFES) 2024

Three of our films were selected for screening at the 2024 Bangalore International Film Festival (BIFFES).

Peace Notes: The Journey of an Orchestra: Selected under the category of Thematic
Films on Human Resilience, Rights, and Values, made its premiere on the big screen,
captivating a large audience with its powerful narrative.
Directed by Maya Chandra and Akhil G Kumar, this documentary celebrated the
cultural harmony fostered by the South Asian Symphony Orchestra, founded by
Ms.Nirupama Menon Rao, former Ambassaor of India and her husband Shri
Sudhakar Rao, Former Chief Secretary, Govt.of Karnataka.

It was an honour that this documentary premiered at Biffes 2024, and was followed
by a high-power discussion with Mr.& Mrs Rao in conversation with Dr.Indira
Chandrashekar and Dr.Jahnavi Phalkey.

– Benkiya Kidi: Nominated in the Biopics category, explores the transformative

journey of Ko Channabasappa (KoChe), a prominent figure in Karnataka”s Unification Movement.

– The Saga of a Braveheart: Also nominated in the Biopics category, traces the life and sacrifice of Lt Col Ajit Bhandarkar, Shaurya Chakra (P), who was killed in a fierce
gun battle with militants in Jammu.


– MAYA Films experienced an overwhelming response at BIFFES 2024, with three

films nominated across various categories.

– “Peace Notes” premiered for the first time on the big screen, receiving appreciation

from a diverse and engaged audience.

– “Benkiya Kidi” and “The Saga of a Braveheart” received multiple screenings, further

solidifying MAYA Films’ presence and impact at the festival. Guests of honour

included Dr.Kiran Kumar, Former Chairmen, ISRO and Beli Mutt Swamiji, apart

from the family of Shri KoChe.