The recent event “Reliving the Legend of Kannada Cinema” by Maya Films, held at the prestigious Bangalore International Centre, was an overwhelming success, captivating a fully packed audience. The evening was filled with heartfelt conversations as Dheeren and Dhanya Ramkumar, grandchildren of the iconic Dr. Rajkumar, shared their cherished memories of their beloved grandfather in a captivating dialogue with Founder-Director Maya Chandra.

The event, organized to commemorate the legendary actor Dr. Rajkumar, evoked a deep sense of pride as Maya Films’ documentary ‘Dr. Rajkumar: Our Annavaru’ continued to resonate with the audience, paying homage to the immense contributions and indelible impact of the late actor on the Kannada film industry.

Dheeren and Dhanya Ramkumar, both emerging talents in the film industry themselves, provided an intimate glimpse into the life and persona of their grandfather. Their anecdotes and recollections added a personal touch to the evening, further immortalizing the memories of Dr. Rajkumar and his iconic status.

Adding to the grace of the occasion, Poornima Ramkumar, Dr. Rajkumar’s daughter, graced the event with her presence. She shared heartfelt and personal memories of her father’s extraordinary legacy, reinforcing the enduring bond between Dr. Rajkumar and his family.

This evening served as a reminder of Dr. Rajkumar’s everlasting influence on the hearts and minds of people, and we are grateful to everyone for their unwavering support and cooperation in making this event a resounding success,” said Maya Chandra, Founder-Director of the event.

The audience, comprising ardent fans, esteemed members of the film industry, and enthusiasts of Dr. Rajkumar’s work, expressed their deep appreciation for the evening. The emotional connection forged through the conversations and shared memories truly made the experience unforgettable.