Maya Films, a film production company with 25+ years of experience, successfully organised “All Things Cinemagic,” an educational event for students interested in filmmaking. Over 70 students from various colleges in Bangalore enthusiastically participated in the two-day event, which featured masterclasses and film screenings. Leading the masterclasses and discussions were esteemed mentors Dr. Piyush Roy and Dr. Debjani Haldar, alongside Maya Films’ Founder Director, Maya Chandra. The event proved to be a resounding success, providing participants with valuable insights and expertise from the experienced mentors.

In addition to the enriching masterclasses, Maya Films partnered with Katte Satya Foundation, as well as received support from PRK Productions and Mudskipper Labs, to host a screening of the film Gangadhagudi.” This screening reached a wide audience of over 1200 students from BBMP schools and surrounding underprivileged communities, including orphanages and old age homes.

Maya Films is excited about the prospect of organizing more academic programs aimed at nurturing the growth of students in their respective areas of interest.